The Right Republican the Right Time

Ryan Rowley is happily married to his wife Naomi. He has two children, three step-children and nine grandchildren. He and his wife attend Grace Community Church in the Clear Lake area. They have been very active in their Church and Community and have been Involved in politics at the Federal, State and Local levels for many years.

Ryan Rowley has held his conservative and republican ideals for as long as he can remember. He believes he was born a conservative and found resonance in his beliefs in Ronald Reagan. He worked for the Reagan Campaign in Los Angeles County during Reagan’s 1980 Presidential run against Jimmy Carter. He has been a staunch supporter of conservative values and strongly believes in the vision of our nations founding fathers.

Ryan Rowley’s family has historically sacrificed their Blood, Sweat and Treasure for our country. Every generation of his family has served in the defense of our country. Ryan Rowley has served as a member of the U.S. Army and participated in the Persian Gulf War. His son Jonathan currently serves in the Marine Corp with his wife Maria who is a member of the US Army, currently on reserve status, his step son Michael currently serves in the US Army and has been in Iraq and is now in Afghanistan. His Daughter Rachael, served in the US Navy, her husband Jacob serves in the US Army and has just returned from Iraq. Many members of Ryan Rowley’s family have served or are currently serving in the Defense of our country. Ryan Rowley has spent most of his adult life serving this country as a member of the US Armed forces, a Defense Contractor and with NASA.

Ryan Rowley is currently an IT Professional working for NASA as a contractor. For over 25 years, he has provided Software Engineering, IT Management and IT Consulting services for the Aerospace, Defense, Energy and Communications industries. He has been directly involved in supporting NASA’s ISS, Shuttle, CEV and the Aero science Engineering division. He has worked on many highly classified projects for the US Department of Defense and provided his expertise working on Geophysical and Seismic interpretational projects for the US Oil industry. Learning has been a life long passion of his. He has been highly educated in the Computer Science and Computer Engineering disciplines and in the sciences like Physics and Geophysics. He has attended the University of Maryland along with many other colleges and technical schools and is constantly improving himself by taking courses and attending conferences, while supporting his family.