The Right Republican the Right Time


I am not in this race for fame, fortune, or power, nor am I in it looking for a job; I have a good job that I like very well. I am not the most polished or eloquent of speakers, but I do have passion and truly believe in my conservative republican ideals. I am not running as the Christian candidate, face it, only Jesus can qualify for that one. We all fall short of his standard. I also am not running as the military candidate, my service has been a blessing, but it does not define who I am and what I am about. I really Love my country and what it is supposed to stand for.  I truly see this as another sacrifice to the service of my country and for the people of the United States of America. I can no longer sit in the background, I must act and try to inspire other good people to run for office, be active, and preserve the vision of our founding fathers and what this nation represents. I am not going to go away after this election..